Friday, September 12, 2014

Back to School - Back to Work

The sound of crunching leaves beneath my feet tells me that summer is waning. The light is changing and the sun setting sooner each day.

I had a busy and successful summer. My hope is that your summer was everything you wished for with some time for relaxation and fun!

In my home it's back to school and I'm back to work.

What began as a seedling this last spring has now sprouted and taken root. Joining Pandora Healing in Hawthorne, NJ, my health coaching business has begun. Plus, I've added Labyrinth Workshop dates for the next 4 months.

This Sunday September 14th,  I'll be teaching at Pandora Healing!

Come and learn about the benefits of meditative walking. Learn how to ease stress and gain energy with the simple act of walking a Labyrinth. It's a life-chainging tool!

Space is limited. Call Pandora Healing today.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Labyrinth Workshop Success!

Over the past weekend I gave a Labyrinth Workshop at Pandora Healing. I'm so grateful to all who attended and to my friends at Pandora Healing in Hawthorne NJ.

Many lovely women attended and took time to discover their own inward journey while walking the Labyrinth. We shared laughter, stories and a few tears. My hope is that each person went home that afternoon with a sense of peace and happiness about their path ahead. I'm looking forward to seeing all of us gathered again to walk the Labyrinth and feel the healing power of the journey.

The group came up with an idea to begin a Reiki Circle. This will start at the end of summer in my office at Pandora Healing. There will be more Labyrinth walks in the near future and Health Coaching is always available too.

Thank you again to all the lovely women who participated in the first (of many) Labyrinth Workshop(s)

Let's keep in touch, email me with questions, comments or to make an appointment for a health coaching session.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

my first walk

The first time I ever walked a Labyrinth was on a women's retreat in 2004. It was at a YMCA at Lake George. A beautiful place. It was the first time though, that I was away from my child. I was a wreck. There was no cell service, in fact I don't even think I had a cell phone back then. I remember buying a phone card and using the pay phone in the lobby of the Y just to whisper sleep tight and I love you to my girl. That was the first night I slept alone in a bed in many years. I slept all night!

The next morning, I was still missing my girl and hoping that she was having a fun time with her Dad (which she was) as we women gathered by the lake. We met to learn about the guidelines and history of walking a labyrinth. Then we walked down a path toward the lake. I didn't see the labyrinth at first. The rocks, pavers and mulch were blending into the natural world that surrounded the circle. There was a hush that encapsulated our group of women. Most of us were novices and were a bit nervous about what would 'happen' on the walk. I stood waiting my turn to enter on the path. All I heard was the rhythmic lapping of the water on the shore of the lake. I felt my heart beating as I stepped in.

After a few steps along the path,  I began to feel an energy pouring down onto my head. My body began to relax and my mind let go of worries and cares with each step forward. The energy continued to flow through my body, pulsing at each chakra and aligning my spine. Down the energy went through my legs to my feet. At my feet I began to feel as if I was rooted to the earth and yet I could walk. The pulsing energy continued as I moved along the path.  I became aware of the other women walking. Each of us having different experiences and yet connected by the path and the energy within the labyrinth. Connected to each other. Energy coursed, swirled, and pulsed around each us as we wove in and out, circling to the center.

Standing in the center I closed my eyes, breathing deeply. I can't remember how long I stood there. I do remember how my body swayed side to side, like a pendulum. In my heart I received a message. It was simple and very clear. This. Trust This. 

As I turned to make my way back on the same path, I felt changed. The interconnection I felt to the other women, to the natural world around me, and to the Divine had a profound effect on me. That walk changed my life.

The Minister of my church recently said to me; "your first labyrinth walk reshaped your life; you've built a labyrinth in your yard, have a canvas labyrinth, have a finger labyrinths and you want to teach others about using the labyrinth for spiritual connection and meditation -- the labyrinth has become your passion." He's absolutely right.

All of this has happened from taking that first step, entering the unknown and trusting the journey.